• Lumbini

    The Birth Place of Lord Buddha

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    Lumbini here Lord Buddha's Birth took place.
  • Bodhgaya

    The Place of Lord Buddha here attained Supreme Enlightenment.

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    Bodhgaya here Lord Buddha's Enlightenment took place.
  • Sarnath

    The Place of Lord Buddha here delivered first Sermon, teach the Dhamma.

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    Sarnath here Lord Buddha's First Sermon and First rainy season took place.
  • Kushinagar

    The Place of Lord Buddha here finally entered in Mahprinirvan.

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    Kushinagar here Lord Buddha's Mahaparinirvana took place.

Buddhist Tours Services

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    BuddhCharika have good transportation services for Buddhist Pilgrims.

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    BuddhCharika helps Buddhist Pilgrims provides good guide and escort for sustainable and memorable journey.

Buddha’s Words….

Buddha himself before passed into Mahaparinibbana, the Buddha advised pious disciples to Buddhist pilgrim tour at four places that may be for their inspiration after He was gone. They are Lumbini, where He was born; Buddhagaya, where He attained Supreme Enlightenment; Deer Park in Sarnath, where He preached the First Sermon; and Kusinara, where He passed into Mahaparinibbana. The pious disciple should visit these places and look upon them with feelings of reverence, reflecting on the particular event of the Buddha’s life connected with each place. Since the Mahaparinibbana of the Buddha, these four shrines of Buddhism have become the focal points for pious disciples to rally around and seek inspiration. By the time of King Asoka, four more places, namely: Savatthi, Sankasia, Rajagaha and Vesali, that were closely associated with the Buddha and scenes of His principal miracles, were added to the pilgrimage itinerary. Together they make the Eight Great Places of pilgrimage.

We organised yoga training program at many destinations

Yoga & Meditation in Himalaya’s tranquality at Bodhgaya under Bodhi Tree in Sikkim

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Distance of Buddhist Places

  • Varanasi to Bodhgaya – 275 Kms
  • Bodhgaya to Rajgir – 72 Kms
  • Rajgir to Nalanda – 16 Kms
  • Nalanda to Patna – 90 Kms
  • Patna to Vaishali – 65 Kms
  • Vaishali to Kesariya – 55 Kms
  • Kesariya to Kushinagar – 125 Kms
  • Kushinagar to Lumbini – 145 Kms
  • Lumbini to Sravasti – 175 Kms
  • Sravasti to Varanasi – 325 Kms
  • Kushinagar to Varanasi – 275 Kms
  • Varanasi to Kaushambi- 175 Kms

Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour almost cover 1500kms to 1700kms at all major Buddhist sacred places


A.C. Bus 45 to 21 seater, Volvo, Tempo Traveller, Innova, Sedan all kinds of transportations for Buddhist Circuit India & Nepal. Whole North India we book transport on reasonable and decent price.

Varanasi Car-Rental Price

Vehicle TypeAirport
To & Fro
Inside City
Suv11001800Rs. 12
Tempo Traveller20003000Rs. 19