Buddhist Tour Packages

BuddhCharika provides a special “Buddhist Tour Packages” for all Buddhist pilgrims who travelling to India & Nepal. 

The concept of a Buddhist pilgrimages came from the Buddha himself. Before He passed into Mahaparinibbana, the Buddha advised pious disciples to visit four places that may be for their inspiration. They are Lumbini, where He was born; Bodhgaya, where He attained Supreme Enlightenment; Deer Park in Sarnath, where He preached the First Sermon; and Kusinagar, where He passed into Mahaparinibbana. The pious disciple should visit these places and look upon them with feelings of reverence, faith & compassion reflecting on the particular event of the Buddha’s life connected with each place. Since the Mahaparinibbana of the Buddha, these four shrines of Buddhism have become the focal points for pious disciples to rally around and seek inspiration. BuddhCharika as a helping hand serves for all those pilgrims travelling to India & Nepal. It’s a great opportunity to helps them at the Buddha’s Land.